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Alpha Upsilon Thanksgiving Feeding 2011

 | Published on 11/22/2011

Brooklyn, NY - November 22, 2011 - For many the Holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends. The preparation for this joyous time is witnessed by dense grocery store lines and shopping carts filled to the brim with items that will soon decorate dinning room tables and be eaten by those fortunate enough to celebrate in this manner. This however for some is a stark contrast to their reality. Instead, they wait patiently in the cold; many without coats or hats on a sidewalk line to be served a generous meal comprised of leftovers or uneaten dishes. Such was the case on Wednesday the 23rd day of November when the men of Alpha Upsilon collaborated with the Ronald Edmonds Learning Center MS 113 to provide a modicum of holiday joy.


As customary, the men of Alpha Upsilon convened at the school to collect the aforementioned items remaining from the schools holiday celebration. From this juncture a convoy of men along with food and holiday spirit made their way to the first destination, the Help Women’s Center in Brooklyn. Once there, the men of Alpha Upsilon unloaded the food and set up a tent brandishing the name of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, and provided the women of the shelter with a moment of joy and love as they served the women and engaged in effortless and meaningful conversations, which connect us all and serve as a reminder to the true essence of life.


When the lines began to wind down and food was still in abundance, the men of Alpha Upsilon packed the remaining food and took food still untouched to yet another location. This time the group went to the Atlantic House Men’s Shelter a few blocks away. From there, with still more food in tow, the men of Alpha Upsilon tirelessly went to yet another shelter. This time the destination was the Armory Men’s Shelter. When the night concluded and the last man was fed the men of Alpha Upsilon drew nigh to say a prayer for those they served and for each other. Life is often times convoluted but on this night it was made simple, giving back and extending a hand is what this season is all about.



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